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For over 17 years, the Zavala Law Firm has been achieving exceptional results in the areas of criminal defense and personal injury. Evy Zavala has earned a reputation as the attorney to turn to in difficult, and even seemingly impossible cases. He brings his unique legal talents, courtroom intuitions, and life experiences to the cases he handles. For nearly two decades, Evy has been obtaining stunning results while dedicating himself to vigorously protecting the rights and interests of his clients.

Mr. Zavala’s experience was established while training with former prosecutors, groomed by federal judges, and skillfully representing large corporations. As a result of litigating cases for the “other side,” he has a unique understanding of the tactics employed by law enforcement and big corporations. This insider knowledge helps him pinpoint and attack the weaknesses of his opponents’ cases, resulting in the dismissal and reduction of criminal charges for some clients, and securing impressive settlements for those who suffered injuries.

Evy Zavala has rightfully earned the reputation of a litigation lawyer who aggressively fights for his clients. Given his experience and reputation amongst lawyers and judges in the legal community, he can lean on his influence and reputation in securing the best possible outcome for all of his clients.