For nearly twenty years, Evy Zavala has been achieving exceptional results for his clients in the areas of criminal defense, entertainment, and personal injury. Mr Zavala acquired his unique legal insight under the tutelage of federal judges, skillful litigators, and retired prosecutors. Having formerly represented large corporations, Evy secured an “insider” understanding of the strategies employed by those companies, grooming him to effectively pinpoint and attack the weaknesses of his opponent’s cases. Mr. Zavala’s diverse experience has earned him a reputation as an attorney to turn to in difficult, and seemingly impossible situations. Given his courtroom intuitions, unique legal talents, and life experiences, Evy continues to successfully secure the best possible outcome for his clients.

Located in Pasadena, California, we are in close proximity to downtown Los Angeles and many of the city’s major cultural institutions and sports facilities. Our firm’s criminal defense, entertainment, and personal injury practice advises a diversity of clients from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs, law enforcement, government officials, and prominent media, entertainment, and communications companies.