Being charged or arrested for any criminal act is a very serious and frightening experience. For over 15 years, Evy Zavala has successfully offered clients an aggressive and compelling defense against criminal charges. We have successfully represented clients from all walks of life, and hold an impressive track record in cases ranging from petty theft and DUI, to violent assaults and murder. We have rightfully earned the reputation with judges and prosecutors of a litigation firm that aggressively fights for their clients. If you have been arrested, or are being investigated, it is imperative that you have an experienced defense attorney who will fight any criminal charges brought against you. Call (818) 987-7010 for a consultation.


The Zavala Law Firm prides itself as acting as an advocate for those who have experienced a life-disrupting injury. We give our clients the peace of mind they need in order to concentrate on getting well. Our experienced personal injury lawyer formerly litigated on behalf of the large insurance companies that we now face. Having acquired a unique "insider" understanding of the tactics used by those companies, we aggressively represent the victims of accidents with the expertise needed to present the most compelling case for our clients, helping to secure the best settlements possible. Call (818) 987-7010 for a free consultation.